The other day at Scott HQ the team manager for the Motocross side of things stopped by a construction site and asked what they were going to do with all that dirt? The response was, "why, you want it?" So, after some convincing they got the OK to build some stuff out back of the HQ. My brother, me and a 15 ton digger went to work with the best dirt I have ever seen. It is a sort of sandstone that sets up rock hard with a bit of water and some shovel slapping. 3 days later we have a couple lines. One line is a mini rythm section with pump bumps, tables, step ups to bowls to step downs. Next to that is a line with 5 standard tables to get the roadies out there learning. The main line is a long table to roller to step up to step down into a bowl to a step up hip into a step up to bowl to step down to left 90° berm to 3 rollers to a left or right hip. It is cool to see the lunch ride action with the roadies going one way, the XC guys another and now they can session some jumps at lunch. That would be nice to have all those options for a lunch ride, no?