So it's been a pretty full on race calendar these last couple of weeks, between the World Cup and the Enduro World Series events, and we have now landed in Valloire for the third round of the Enduro World Series.

Out here in Valloire we're in an absolutely stunning location, high up in the mountains. Not only do we have stunning scenery, we also have some pretty incredible trails, some have been freshly cut in just for this race.

The views from the top of the tracks are just incredible, with unbroken sunshine all day today, the tracks were somewhat dusty.
_BWP8839 today’s racing, as a few riders are out this season with injury we're seeing a number of different riders in the mix, which really makes exciting racing. Today we saw Justin Leov and Francois Bailly-Maitre battling it out for the top spots, and Justin sitting in the top spot going into tomorrow after Francois had a mechanical issue, in his third timed stage of the day.

Definitely a good start to the weekend for Trek, with first place in the men's and women's and also second place in the men's, with Rene Wildhaber putting in a top notch result.

Photos: Ben Winder

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