Photos: Laurence Crossman-Emms

The ultimate expression of style, flinging a bike sideways past 90 then smothering it back in for a harpoon landing.

In the Rotorua amphitheatre, under floodlights, the legends of freeride joined young pretenders to quell a packed crowd.

Threatening clouds stayed away for the sideways action

With just one big hit to throw down on, the pressure was on from the first drop in.

Into the abyss...

The final four for the men saw Ryan Howard, Kaos Seagrave, Tyler McCail and Dave McMillan compete for glory. R-Dog’s timeless style won out again. In the women, Casey Brown was at her humbling best, she’s got these comps sewn up for a good few years to come.

Check out all the action below.

David Mcmillan
Ryan Howard
Tyler McCaul
Finn Iles
Casey Brown
Bas van Steezbergen living up to his name as always
Casey going past 90, there's simply no other woman doing that at the moment
Most underrated rider out there? Ryan Howard simply slays and was one of the early favourites
MacMillan sending it huge
Decent crowd for the big show and it built as the night went on
Kiwi favourite, Connor MacFarlane throwing down his best
Kaos Seagrave was doing Brits proud up there. He soared into the final without breaking a sweat
Jackson Davis going inverted
It won't get you the win but the crowd loves it
Alex Fayole
Ryan Howard
Kaos Seagrave
Ryan Howard
Kaos Seagrave
David Mcmillan
Tyler McCaul