I was digging with a walking excavator last week on a little connector trail from Les Crosets down to Champery, Switzerland. I only spent 3 days on the trail but it worked out well. I have some fine tuning by hand to do but for now it works well. Here are some phone pics.

My brother Will chopping some branches with a little help

The Kaiser dropping in.

Nothing but good dirt here

This one is steeper than it looks and shoots you out with a ton of speed.

Looking in from the top. This area is steep.

Those mountains in the back are called the "Dents du Midi"

The first couple runs on a fresh trail are the best.

Traversing a pretty steep spot.

The whole zone is steep so I had to do a lot of traversing.

Self portrait in the rain.

The mud was so sticky that day.

Lots of turns

This one is really fun!

The start of the new variation.

Hard to tell how steep it really is.

That is all for now. Sorry for the bad quality Iphone pics but I never remember to bring my camera when I work. I will try and remember next time. -Ben