Claudio Calouri hired me to build a bike park for a ski resort that is no longer open for skiing. He built the DH track and I built the bike park. The resort is called Monte Tamaro and had a World Champs event in 2003. I love this place! Here are some pics.

Day one.

Building a jump with a little help from the digger.

Some cows relaxing in the sun by the park.

Right hip to a left wallride.

This little goat always came down to help but in the end usually ended up walking all over a freshly drying lip.

Some wooden drops/stepdowns and my brother giving me a hand on the last day of building.


More options.

The backdrop here is perfect

The old style rock construction here is sweet.

Left hip.

Me digging

Putting in some drain pipes and the park is almost finished.

One of my firts tries on the wallride.

I am going back there at the end of the month to ride and take some pics. Sorry for the lack of action shots but I did all the dirt work myself and was too spent to ride it after it was done. The nice pics are by my brother Will Walker and the rest are from my Iphone. By the way, the DH track and the park are open and ready so come out and ride it! -Ben