Monday is either your favorite day of the beginnings and all that...or it's your worst. A day full of new possibilities and optimism flowing through your viens or a day full of the dangers of what your life is really like. Mine usually tends to be the latter but lately it's been more like Groundhog Day than any other day of the week. For the last two weeks I've been waking up earlyish and migrating to the couch where I pile all the cushions we own into a precarious tower and balance my heavily plastered leg on top for the best part of the morning. I watch the morning news, read a paper and then use a chopstick to scratch all the bits under the cast that itch like a bugger. The next stage of my day involves switching on the 'ol Apple and checking out the newest and baddest on the world wide web. I've been finding all kinds of pretty rad photography sites that I thought if I hadn't seen them before then maybe neither have you and I could link them up so you could check 'em out for yourselves.

In my opinion there is no better way to spend a Monday or any other day than looking at pictures...I love 'em. So here we go on a www. letslookattheworldthroughotherpeoplescamerasdotcom tour. Some are friends sites and some are bike sites, but there not all friends and they're not all bikes...some are just nice to look at. I'll try to stick something up every day so keep checking in.

The first installment takes us to visit Rob Dolecki who's image of Brian Foster in the last Ride has to be one of the best BMX photos ever. Maybe the best bike picture ever.

foster wallpaper

Rob Dolecki website