So your an optimist and we're already halfway through the week or your the pessimist and were only halfway through the week. Either way you look at it it's Wednesday and we're halfway through the week, but let's not get wrapped up in technicalities eh?

I did say in my first blog last week that I thought the whole blogging thing was for wasters and I still think that is true but I'm kinda getting into it...does that mean I'm a waster?? The links for today are part bike, part not bike but they will all give you something to think about.

The first link is one that I go to every day. It is for the fixie lovers amongst us and if you've never ridden one I don't know what your waiting for, it's the best time on a bike you can have and there are some pretty mean looking rides on this site. The second link takes us to BMX photographer Sandy Carson's new site and it's pretty rad. Sandy's been around for a while both as a rider and shooter and I've always enjoyed his work. The third (I said yesterday there might be three) has got to be one of the heavier sites I've seen in a while. Some pretty hard going cultural and social issues but these subjects yield really direct pictures that speak volumes, it's a big site with a lot to take in so maybe best done in bits but I hope you like it.

Happy Wednesday, we're halfway through the week...I already have tomorrow's link lined up and she's a beauty.

fixed gear gallery

sandy carson

art coup