The rough deal then.  No fuss events and Glencoe mountain have got together and come up with this.

The MacAvalanche, aimed for mid April'ish 2011,  only 200 can enter intent to race,  from that 200 only 50-70 will be picked.  Due to unknown weather conditions next April the date will be revealed shortly before the race.

The plan is to use the Piste bashers to ferry bikes to the top of the mountain, then Heli drop the riders on top,  so depending on weather and how many helicopters are free,  well that will factor in the race date.   If you are picked but cant make it, then another of the unpicked riders will be offered the chance.

The goal is to get from the top in the snow down to the mountain centre, the course will be waymarked with downhill ski race style gates to go through.  I guess this will merge with the downhill track already there to get you to the finish ?

First dibs go to the hardcore dh enduro mob, then open to anyone.   And yes, due to Hardtail antics at all 3 DH enduro races there is a very high chance of some hardtail action going on (i am entering)

A proper mountain race on this island with helicopters,  i think my bike needs a rebuild for this one.


Enduro race report blog to come later,  i am in a lot of pain as usual from doing it and need a rest.