Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Well I wouldn't call it an interview, I would call it more like ten random questions based around the theme of "When was the last time you....?"

(didn't Jarvis Cockerspaniel sing something about 'the last time'?...well...I stuck his picture up anyway, if you were wondering why)

Tracy Moseley is out training in Australia at the moment, here's her answers.

1: When was the last time:

You upset your neighbours?

Don't have any close enough to upset, although i'm sure the noise of my little TTR might travel a little way !!

2: When was the last time:

You won a race?

The infamous Penarth Street race in Cardiff in October


3: When was the last time:

You hurt yourself?

Riding at Hamsterley in November with Gaskell, went

over the bars on a 2 foot drop and landed on a rock in my chest....not


4: When was the last time you:

You brought something you didn't need? The ice cream I had the other day !

5: When was the last time:

You heard a good joke? (What was it?) I Can't remember, so it can't have

been that funny...

6: When was the last time:

Fixed a puncture? ...Ages ago...not since i had a wonderful boyfriend !!!

7: When was the last time:

You scared yourself? Riding everyday out here in Australia waiting to ride

over a snake and it then bit my leg off !

8: When was the last time:

You saw something that made you go "Holy Shit!" The size of the spiders

out here

9: When was the last time:

You did some actual digging with a spade? New Years Day, tried making a

dh trail at home...not sure how successful it will be though if it ever drys out....

10: When was the last time:

You heard a really good song? Can't remember, not great at paying

attention to music unless I can sing along to it

Photo:John Gibbson