Alex Rankin just uploaded this cracking Rob Warner section from Sprung 5 which features Bas de Bever, some super small Speedos, Rob Horton and some super mellow old skool trails.

Watch the video then read the interview with Warner to find out the behind the scenes info from the video...

First up, did you pack those yellow trunks out with any filler, fruit, veg etc.? Or is it all 100% Warner? And what beach was that? Much attention from the ladies?

No sir my packet was all killa no filla! There was no way of hiding a thing in those budgie smugglers. Except maybe a couple of socks. Is was a beach in Northern Italy between Nevegal and Maribor, we went there 'testing'. To be fair we didn't get any attention from anyone, those speedos are the norm down there, nobody blinked an eye.


So what year was that?

Looking at my waistline I’d say early 2000's, it looks like i still gave a shit at that point

You looked pretty comfortable on the trails, did you do much dirt jumping in the day and do you still do any now?

I really got into riding trails, I needed to get better at jumping for downhill, I was riding with Rob Horton most days, it was during the foot and mouth epidemic so the countryside was shutdown, no moto, so we sneaked in everywhere and rode the treaders.

Where abouts were those trails?

The trails were the TTL's, (test track locals) at Camberly, they're gone now, Wisley and 'Secret trails' at Chertsey, they were amazing.  No, don’t ride them anymore, but I built some behind my house a few years back, bit of a mid-life crisis. I shot out the side into a tree about six foot up, that was the end of it really.

What hardtail are you on there?

Think the bikes a medium XTC Giant frame.

You started off your career riding trials didn’t you? Think I remember you on junior kickstart?

Yeah that’s right, was well into trials before I realized I could make some money on the bicycles. I made it onto Kickstart three times, never did any good though but it was quite a thing at the time, think I was only about 12 the last time i did it.

Do you still get out on the moto and trials bikes these days?

Yeah I love it, I love motorbikes, I still try and ride MX once a week but the practice tracks are all shit now, went to France yesterday to ride it’s that bad here. I still compete in National Trials most weekends, it’s the best sport, and I'm all over the place practicing, try and get out at least twice a week, it’s so progressive as a sport it'll never get boring, have the best days ever out with the lads on the trials bikes, usually in the Forest of Dean.

What was the story behind the cake face plant? That looked a waste of a lovely chocolate cake to me?

I think your right, total waste, I was probably just trying to show how extreme I was, looks like I've just plated some old sort!

What are your plans for this year, are you still going to be commentating for Freecaster at the World Cups?

Yeah man all looking good, should be doing all the World Cups and Worlds for Freecaster, also doing Red Bull X Fighters again for Dave, that’s amazing, and hopefully I’ll be at Crankworx for Pinkbike, gonna be a huge amount of air miles again but its great fun, wouldn't change it for anything.