Scott ‘Boom Boom’ Beaumont has signed again for Canadian brand Rocky Mountain Bikes. After a clean sweep of the UK National 4X series and a gold medal at the National 4X Championships Scott once again put pen to paper and signed for the fourth year with the high performance brand.

Scott will be racing for Rocky Mountain UK in the World Cup series, UK National series and other selected events in both Downhill and 4X.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

You upset your neighbours?

Yesterday. Their cat 'Midge' always sneaks into my house and steels my cats food. Anyway, it came in, pinched the food and pissed on my kitchen floor. Words were exchanged!

When was the last time:

You won a race?

Last 4X National at UK Bike Park in September 2008

When was the last time:

You hurt yourself?

2 weeks ago. Lifting weights in the gym and tore a ligament in my back. It took me 50 minutes to get from the gym to my car!!!

When was the last time:

You brought something you didn't need?

Last week, a scan on my back to tell me it was healing fine!! £180!

When was the last time:

You heard a good joke? (What was it?)

Trust me and just buy the Frank Skinner live dvd that is out now. I went to watch it at the NIA in Birmingham but it still makes me piss my pants every time!

When was the last time:

You fixed a puncture?

Nineteen ninety something!

When was the last time:

You scared yourself?

When I was out 'hucking' at Kinver the other day. Came up a bit short on a drop!

When was the last time:

You saw something that made you go "Holy Shit!"

Watching the video of Robbie Maddison doing his New Years Eve jump in Vegas

When was the last time:

You did some actual digging with a spade?

A couple of days ago at Wolverley trails

When was the last time:

You heard a really good song?

Heard a few this morning. Just bought Ministry of Sound Anthems cd. Listening to all the 'classic club cuts' driving this morning!

When was the last time:

You broke the law?

Every time I drive to my folks house. Got it down to 5 minutes 26 now!!

When was the last time:

Did a good deed?

Just going to do some 4X coaching later today. Does that count??

When was the last time:

You puked your guts up?

New Years Eve with everyone else!

When was the last time:

You bust something on your bike?

I can't remember. I'm pretty light on bikes!

When was the last time you:

Felt so good, you thought you could fly?

Some of the double jumps we have at World Cup 4X races now, make you feel like you are flying! 50 foot doubles have that effect on you!!

national four cross champion scott beaumont