Jim Davage: Jim rode for Curtis for a long time, he developed his signature frame the Trail Boss and also Curtis’s DH rig the ThumperX,

Jim Davage has a new DH rig and a cutting edge slopestyle bike on which he’s hoping to take Europe by storm this year...

Taken from Dirt issue 63, May 2007

Jim Davage was winning dirt jump comps even before I got my first DJ specific bike, he’s not old but he’s just been at the forefront from what seems the beginning, he’s sort of the caretaker of the scene. The usual for riders at a comp is the nervousness of everyone at practice, who’s going to try it first, who’s going to set the speed, all the riders sit and natter, after all the nibbling…’nice hub mate...’, ‘yeah cheers…’, ‘what ratio you running?’ and all of that.

When it comes down to the nitty gritty all heads turn to Jim, I’m not sure if he has more experience, better judgement, I know it’s not because he’s a nutter and uncalculated, I think he knows that it just needs to be done, and he has the confidence, and the other riders also have the confidence in him, to get it done.

On the day, so many times, it has been Davage to get things going, and when things get going he always manages to step up his game, go that extra inch and turn it into a show. It’s not that he’s outwardly competitive, he’s probably one of the most laid back riders I know, but he competes really well, keeps everything all friendly like, makes sure he’s having a laugh.

Jim rode for Curtis for a long time, he developed his signature frame the Trail Boss and also Curtis’s DH rig the ThumperX, but this yeah he’s decided to leave Curtis for trans Atlantic company Transition Bikes.

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Dirt: Age?



Bike mechanic.


Glastonbury, Somerset.

Rear brake left or right?


24" or 26" wheels

24 are better for park and dirt without a doubt, you need a much stronger/heavier rim on 26" for it to take the abuse, but what ever suits you and what you wanna ride people shouldn’t really bitch about it. I’m now riding 26" because it suits the bike better, it doesn’t make you more of a man to ride 26", Hey Shaun!

Tell us about your bike?

Clean, clean and simple, it just does the job it’s asked.

Do you use any titanium bolts and lightweight stuff?

I use a titanium axle on my cranks and cut down my seat post a bit, but I’m not a real weight freak to be honest.

Most important part?

Cranks, they’re really strong and have never let me down, you can go wrong with a good 3-piece crank.

Part you break the most?

Nothing in particular, a few tyres now and then.

Have you made any modifications to the bike?

The usual handle bar chop down, 2" at both ends and no spacers under my stem. I turn the seat post round 180º, this just makes the seat sit more angled back and I’ve bent my brake lever bake so it’s 2" away from my grip, and I always run the back wheel as tight to the frame as I can get it.

How would you describe your riding style?

Aggressive, on the limit, some say out of control.

What event did you enjoy the most last year?

The last round of the King of Dirt series at the Track in Cornwall, I didn’t get to ride because I’d broken my wrist, but I judged the competition and then got cidered up with my mates.