Jerome Clementz on the charge in Chile en route to winning the Andes Pacifico Enduro race

Jerome Clementz on the charge with his eyes on the prize.

After taking the win in the inaugural Enduro World Series last year Jerome Clementz recently stormed to the win in the Andes Pacfico.

JC took the win aboard a new bike he has been developing with Cannondale for the last couple of years. The option of going to 650b wheels was given to him in early 2013 but he decided to stick with 26 inch and ride out the season on the smaller hoops. The decision clearly paid off but with some of the stages at this level coming down to tenths of a second any racer is going to be looking at any advantage available to them very seriously.

Steve Jones sat down with Jerome in Chile to discuss his new bike, he may have moved to a larger wheel size but there is a lot more to this bike than you first think. We even get to see some tent pole measuring action, that might not sound accurate but you will be surprised what it shows.