I mailed JD Swanguen some questions just after his win at Cranky, but the lad has been a busy bee and not had anytime to get to a computer. So I know it's a bit late but here is a quick interview.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Photo:Pinched off of his Myspace

So Crankworx Dual Slalom, How much did you win? What are you gonna spend the cash on?

I won 2,250 Canadian and well it works out perfect because I broke my phone the night of my slalom victory so it looks like I'll be spending this money on a new phone.

You are one of the few people to beat Sam Hill, how does it feel? Who else did you beat?

I would have to say it feels pretty good when I think about beating him and all the other top pros. I personally eliminated Simon Garstin, Sam Hill, Joost Wichman, Cody Warren, and beat Nico Vink in the finals.

The Crankworx track looked quite new Skool, it looked all about the pump and flow, tell me about it?

Ya for sure all pump and flow! It reminded me of riding good dirt jumps and skate park.

Have you been practising your gates then?

No I haven't really snapped anybody yet

Have you got your own pump track/dirt trails?

Nope but the lovely city of San Diego has some pretty sick trails (as in Dirt jumps)

4x or dual, what do you reckon?

Dual, but I reckon if the courses are built right then 4x is pretty good too. Slalom always rules!

Are you doing any other events at Crankworx?

I did Giant Slalom and Air DH also.

After your 4x at Bromont, where you did pretty well, will you be doing any more World Cup 4x races?

I will definitely do more world cup 4x events. Maybe I'll even work on my gates this off season ;)

Are you going out to Canberra and Schladming?

I am not going to Canberra, instead I'm going to a Jeep 48Straight dual race, and then yes I will be in Schladming.

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