DIRT:Tell us a bit more about the Santa Cruz deal?

GREG:Signed up for 2 years at first, but looking long term. For me, the secret to consistent results, at least in my case, is to have the right support and back up, and the Syndicate has proven itself to be a pro outfit, so I'm looking forward to joining the other 3 guys in making this team a real force on the circuit next year.

How does the V10 compare to the single pivot Honda?

The Honda was a special bike. Had the team continued, there is no secret that I would have continued with Honda, but that's not the case. I haven't raced a V10, or really had a chance to try it out fully since my shoulder's been messed up, but I had a feel of Peaty's before, and I like the challenge that a change in bike gives me. I mean, the whole reason I took on Honda back in 2003/04 was because the challenge really interested me, and moving to the V10, which I think can be a far more forgiving bike, will be a change for sure, but one I'm really looking forward to. Without wanting to sound to cocky, good bikes don't make riders, riders make the bikes. Peaty and Rennie are both big guys, tall like me, and they've been getting top results, so I expect the same of myself.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

How do you get on with your team mates?

Awesomely well with all of them. I've probably been mates with Peaty longer than anyone else on the circuit, so it will be no problem fitting in with that crew. I'll make sure Nathan gets his sandwiches, and Josh is an impressive rider that I look forward to seeing grow in the team. We're the new kids on the Syndicate, so we'll probably get the short sheet treatment at first!

Will Santa Cruz be the team to beat in 2008?

Sure, I think so. Brendog going to Monster has been good for them, and next year the women's DH placings count to the same overall team trophy, so if they keep Sabrina, they'll be the toughest to beat, but we'll be on it.

Which race series will you be focusing on in 2008?

World Cups of course, then some other events that we'll work out with the Syndicate. I'd like to do a couple of NPS races with Peaty, and maybe do some of my Big Air Training Camps. We'll do Sea Otter for sure, Lisbon Downtown, and I'd like to do Crankworx again, but we'll see.

What's your plans for the Winter?

I had my shoulder operated on earlier this month, and it's coming along really well, The Doc is happy, saying I'm 2 weeks ahead of schedule. I'll be giving it every chance to get 100% before racing, so winter for me is summer down here, so I'll stay fit, do some surfing, and hit the XC bike in January.