We asked Playbiker Ironhorse rider Floriane Pugin when was the last time she did a few things:

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

When was the last time:

You upset your neighbours?

Never, I'm such a friendly girl that I never upset my neighbours, even if parties make some noise or I switch on the air compressor at 7am to blow up my tubes and then go riding...

When was the last time:

You won a race?

It was in San Romolo (Italy) for an international meeting. It was a race where your time is recorded for every run you do. A nice and original idea!

When was the last time:

You hurt yourself?

During training runs in Ste Maxime (South of France), which was my first race of 2008, my pedal hits the ground, I fall down of the bike and hit or eat the ground too. Luckily not a lot of damage.

When was the last time:

You brought something you didn't need?

21st of March, I went to ride in Finale Ligure (Italy) and I brought my lessons to work a little. (I'm in engineering school, INSA of Lyon)

Of course, these lessons stayed in the bag... But I think they liked to travel and visit Italy!

When was the last time:

You heard a good joke? (What was it?)

Yesterday, I was watching a TV show, "the Big Bang Theory", and the main characters (big nerds) should get suits for a Halloween party and the 4 guys take the same suits, the suit of the comic's hero "Flash". So to find a solution, one of the guys suggests to follow each other during the night and actually looks like one person going very fast. But just have a look on this TV show, it's really funny!

When was the last time:

You fixed a puncture?

A long long time ago... My riding style is too smoooooooooth! But my brother balances the family rate.

When was the last time:

You scared yourself?

Last time I was riding near my home (in Salève) in the mud, so it was very slippery. I was just riding on rocks but my tires didn't want to stay on, so I left the track and was just in front of an army of trees which wanted to hug me. I just had time to dive into it and I passed over it... So amazing! I had a look back and see my friends who were bursting out laughing, just like me...

When was the last time:

You saw something that made you go "Holy Shit!"

Last Sunday, at the race of Thiers, a friend crashed but what a crash! There was a road gap, a big one, he jumped but was too short. The front wheel hit the road and he jumped on around 10 meters without the bike, then staying in the air, his bike came on him and rode on his back... An awesome instant! He won 3 points on our crash challenge!

When was the last time:

You did some actual digging with a spade?

Never, it's not something I like to do, I prefer ride on a track which has already been dug...

When was the last time:

You heard a really good song?

Today, I heard "Mercy" of Duffy.

When was the last time:

You broke the law?

Two Sundays ago, I didn't break the law but I think I should...

As the perfect driver I am ;-) I stopped at the stop, but the car which was following me didn't stop and hit my car (which was my parents car).

When was the last time:

Did a good deed?

Yesterday. Now my room is clean and tidy... Seriously, last year, I was implicated in an event to fight an illness named "leucodystrophie".

When was the last time:

You puked your guts up?

It was on the 1st of January but no details cos my parents could read this article...

When was the last time:

You bust something on your bike?

15 years ago, I broke my training wheels... So I should ride without them.

When was the last time you:

Felt so good, you thought you could fly?

In Maribor last year, I loved the track and rode pretty well on it. So I was on another planet.

Floriane Pugin Interview