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Danny Hart Interview

Dirt columist Seb Kemp caught up with Danny Hart via FaceTube, here’s what happened.

“This interview was conducted via Facebook Chat during the Christmas Hols. In it I try to lure Danny into letting me know who he is riding for in 2010 (his first year in the Senior at World Cup level), ask him about his Facebook usage, and delve into what he does during the nasty winter weather, and where his favourite burger joint is, Look out for the big announcement about his team soon. ” Seb Kemp.

Danny How’s it going bloke?

Seb Hey there Danny lad.

Danny What’s it like there in Mexico bro?

Seb Dusty. Everything wants to spike or bite you. Get a lot of punctures. I look like a pincushion. Big place. Quiet. Very quiet.

Danny Oh yeah sick!

Seb What’s going on with you? Who are you riding for next season?

Danny Can’t say yet team launch in Feb.

Seb Oooohhhhhhh a secret. Come on tell me. I promise to keep it secret. Who am I going tell out here? I can barely speak good enough Spanish to order a Taco.

Danny Nope sorry you’ll have to wait till Feb.

Seb Is it big news?

Danny A little. Ae, not down to me though, I would tell everyone but…

Seb What you doing for winter? Traveling or motoing?

Danny Moto man! I’m farking loving it! I want to go back to NZ again, but I just bought a brand spanking moto-x bike so I am going to stay home and ride that in the mud!

Seb Yeah fella I’ve seen those videos of you ragging it about. Looks like you tearing it up on the engine wheels too.What are your plans for 2010, 7 months of racing the world?

Danny Yeah but I can come home in between races because I live over here… its easy isn’t it, poor riders from over NZ have it hard


Seb Are you in the big league this year?

Danny Yeah can’t wait!

Seb When is your first race for new team?

Danny Not sure yet first WC is May isn’t it? How was Whistler in summer for you?

Seb It’s a good spot. In the summer it’s just bike bikes and bikes. There’s even TONNES of chicks who ride. And when I say chicks I don’t mean like at the NPS races where it is all fat slow hockey playing pig-wrestling women. I mean fit healthy fine ass honeys

Danny Farking good. I need to head there next year. I think we are scheduled in for Crankworx.

Seb Who is we?

Danny The new team

Seb And who would that be?

Danny No chance mate

Seb So what are your winters like? Training much, or does Facebook just get an atomic workout for the dark months?

Danny Training, Facebook, BMX, and MX.

Seb What’s a typical day like in the life of Danny Hart, professional downhiller, semi-pro Facebookist?

Danny Wake up late (haha), get mam to make breakfast/dinner, hit gym, come home, driving lesson (today), then ride skate park.

Seb Driving lesson?

Danny Learning to drive

Seb Sorry I just forgot your age. It’s funny that you are a professional athlete that is paid to travel the whole damn globe controlling a vehicle traveling at the speed of light over rough surface…and yet you still need to do driving lesson.

Danny hahahaha, funny when you put it like that…

Seb It’s just funny that in your life you are probably years ahead of your peers in terms of experiences and maturity but like them you still need to sit in a bloody Astra for two hours every week with Nobby the Nobhead instructor whose most daring escapade was probably when he didn’t pack a rain jacket for a picnic once.

Danny haha!

Seb So out of all the spots in NZ you went to in your several travels, which did you enjoy the most? Firstly for non riding purposes and then for riding purposes

Danny CHCH (Christchurch) was unreal because I got to know all the locals, and the beach was sick! Then riding was Queenstown because of all the people, Coronet and Dream! Oh, and the burger joint.

Seb You must of liked the Coronet DH track? A moto style track.

Danny Yeah I loved it when I was there the year before on my trail bike, so on the DH bike it was just unreal, and riding with Justin (Leov) that was mint!

Seb I remember seeing you carve that long fast off camber right before the finish line like they were on skis. So many people were trying to ‘drift’ (skid) or dangle their inside foot out but you had it lent over and sat on the cranks like Herman Maier. You won the race. Note to the kids out there.

Danny Cheers,
Anyway I am off now mate, got to run, shit to do tomorrow.


Seb What like? Feed your sheep on Farmville? Have fun buddy.


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