So here's the second installment of the epic World Cup 4X text message interview of the decade. This time we've got a few words from Tom Dowie. He took 21st place (out of 104) in Houffalize a couple of weeks ago in his first World Cup since bailing from a 360 and obliterating his heel bone last year, not bad.

Dirt: You got 21st place in the Houffalize World Cup, talk to me...

Tom: Houffalize was good for me, I'm still getting back into the racing but I was happy. My qualifying run could have gone a little better but I guess it's better to take it easy and qualify than crash out and not eh?

Dirt: What are your aims for Andorra?

Tom: I'm hoping to improve my result this weekend, but it could be very interesting if we get the snow promised.

Dirt: How's that mangled foot getting on?

Tom: The foot is pretty much healed now, but still have lots of physio to try and get it back to full strength.

Dirt: A week or two after destroying your heel bone you were racing your wheelchair down the 4X at Chicksands, how did that go?

Tom: The wheelchair down the 4X was interesting. I got a couple of runs in but it got a bit dangerous after that. (Dirt - if I remember correctly, he got a little too much air and went down)

Dirt: You seem to be doing a load of coaching right now

Tom: My coaching is picking up nicely and people seem to be happy with it.

Dirt: What are your aims for the season?

Tom: To get within the top 20 at World Cups, as I only just missed out at the last round. Also to get a top three in the UK series.

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia