Not long ago some guy wrote a book on his mobile while commuting to and from work. Well I’ve gone one better and carried out text message interviews with World Cup 4X racers Pat Campbell-Jenner and Tom Dowie while they bob up and down on a ferry in the middle of the English Channel. First up we have young Patrice...

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Dirt: You were one of many Chicksands locals who went down hard at the first NPS race at UKBikePark, giving your shoulder a proper beasting, what happened?

Pat: UkBikePark was a bad day for me. I got a puncture in my first moto then crashed in my 4th moto going down hard. I thought I was going to be out of action for a while. Luckily it’s getting better, just got to try not to crash!

Dirt: Is your shoulder going to cause you problems in Andorra?

Pat: Got a good dose of painkillers so I’m good this weekend!

Dirt: What do you know about the track this year?

Pat: I raced here last year but heard there has been some changes/improvements. I ALSO HEARD THERE IS 6 INCHES OF SNOW FORECAST FOR THURSDAY NIGHT, so it should be interesting!!

Dirt: What happened out in Houffalize?

Pat: Houffalize was a bad time for me, I almost lost it in the second last corner. I had an ok pick in the first heats and was confident I could go through to the 1/8s. I was in third, making a move on second when he crashed in front of me. I clipped him off a drop and went over the bars straight onto my shoulder, bad times! It’s better now though, which is good.

Dirt: You recently came into posession of a spanking new Identiti frame, how is it?

Pat: My new frame is the same as last year’s, but in black and with a few little workshop tinkers to the geometry.

Dirt: Are you into the whole weight thing?

Pat: I like my bike light but I don’t go to extremes like some.

Dirt: I spoke to you a while back and you were learning flairs, how’s it going?

Pat: It’s an ongoing thing, haven’t got them nailed yet, but haven’t tried in a while, you never know.

Dirt: Are you racing downhill this year?

Pat: I may race later in the year but I had to sell my DH frame to afford to go to World Cup races. Swings and roundabouts, but with the credit crunch I had to make some sacrifices. I will be getting something new soon though!

Dirt: Any hotties on the ferry, apart from Dowie?

Pat: No hotties really apart from Tom, but I haven’t seen any yet, which is a bit of a disappointment! We’ve been robbing power in the corner for my laptop so haven’t been looking.

Dirt: Who’s better, you or Tom?

Pat: That’s always a tough question, when it’s asked!! He’s one of my best mates, and closest rivals. We’ve always been pretty equal on the track.

And there you go team, all that through a couple of monster texts, skill.