Al Bond
Al Bond

Ex–National DH Champion and all–round super stylish rider from Wales.

DIRT ISSUE 145 - MARCH 2014 

Words by Ali Todd

So you’ve been out to Malaga in Spain for a bit of riding?

Yeah I spent seven weeks out there doing a bit of guiding for Roost DH. It worked well, I got to ride DH so much! Felt good to just get a load of time in on the bike.

How’s the foot now? Bit of a blow for last season…

The foot’s pretty good these days. Still not 100% but not sure it ever will be. Does the job for riding though! Yeah it was a big blow to me. Coming off the back of a season that didn't go very well it left me so motivated for riding and training for 2013. Then two weeks into training, I smashed my foot!

We saw a beauty of a post–crash photo of you recently. You haven’t broken yourself again have you?!

Ha ha! Yeah I did have a big’un. Managed to get away with just a creaky shoulder and a lot of missing skin.

Been mixing the riding up a bit, some road riding and dirt jumping?

On a day when I wasn't guiding with Roost I'd go hit the dirt jumps a bit or go for a cruise on the roadie. Can't complain.

Any motocross action as well?

Not when I was out in Spain, but back in Wales I’ve been getting out on it as much as possible. Did an enduro on it the other day. Was mint but mostly under water.

Back in cold rainy Wales again now, any more plans to escape?

It’s nice to be back in Wales for a bit, but I’m off out to Portugal in March for the first races of the season, can’t wait.

So what are you doing next season?

My plans for next year are to pull my finger out and do well at the races! Ha. I think I'm going to base myself in Morzine through the summer and race the iXS series and Euro WCs. I’m moving on from Nukeproof this year, which is kinda hard cause I loved travelling to the races with Pagey (team manager) and the guys, but I think a fresh start is needed. I’m still sorting out sponsors at the moment but it's looking really good so far.