Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Adam Brayton is definitely one to watch. Pure moto style in this

picture, but more often than not you’ll finding him going massive

off jumps and whipping it up. If you ever see him on track, you will

know all about Adam Brayton…he is unmistakeable.



Adam Brayton.



Where do you live?

Keswick, Lake


How long have you been riding

mountain bikes?

About five years, racing

for three.

What’s is your job?

Just riding now.

What’s the worst job you’ve had?


only proper job I’ve had was an electrician,

but it wasn’t that bad.

What bikes do you own?


Sunday, Kona hardtail, road bike, a little

Monty trials bike, mini bike and an MX bike.

What is it like riding for IronHorse/


Mint, it was unreal just to be

taken on by a team like this and given great

support all season and also being based in

Pila (Italy) was sick just riding everyday. A

big thanks to Romano and Simon for giving

me that opportunity.

How has your year been?

Alright, it

wasn’t as good as I expected, but I’ve

learned so much from it and I know exactly

what I’ve got to do for next season to

achieve my goals.

So you’ve spent the summer based

out of Pila. How did it compare to the

riding at home in the Lakes?

Yeah it’s sick, it’s great just getting up in the

morning and jumping on a lift to ride some

of the best tracks in the world, but it’s hard

to beat the Lakes at the end of the day. Pila

definitely toughens you up though!

Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Describe your downhill bike set–up?

Stiff and fast up front, slow and soft on the


How do you run your brakes?

On or off.

Who are your favourite riders?


and Hill, but I really look up to the top MX

boys like Carmichael and Everts.

If you could be any rider who would it

be and why?

Nathan Rankin, to see how

his head works.

What is your favourite track?


Schladming, that place is unreal.

What does your training regime


A lot of time in the gym, road bike and as

much MX as possible.

Greatest riding achievement?

Sixth at

Champery, that was a funny day that I won’t


When you first kind of appeared on the

scene you were pretty bonkers on a

bike. Is that still your style?

Yeah I think

so, I just like to go flat out, get loose and

jump big.

Is it true that you are as tough as


Ha ha, who said this? Yeah I am,


Do you ride any other types of bikes?

The MX bike, which doubles up as my

enduro bike as well sometimes.

Worst injury?

Don’t know really, I’ve had

one or two bad ones but probably breaking

my leg and collarbone, but that was on the

MX bike. I bust my knee up which gave

me a bit of grief this season, also my wrist,

which I’m getting surgery on this week, and

a sore nose after a face plant at Schladming

at the last World Cup. Apart from that it’s

all good.

What’s the funniest thing that has

happened to you this year?


when I opened my cupboard to get packed

up to find that someone’s Sudings cheese

had melted and run into my part and ended

up on my clothes (and it smelt mega bad).

So I took them to the washing room and

rammed it all in. Then I decided to get the

barrel of washing soap and chug a few extra

litres in to get my gear extra clean, but then

the washing machine couldn’t handle it and

ended up wrecking all my clothes! All my

stuff looked like someone had dribbled on it!

Tell us something we might not know?

The best of me is yet to come...

What or who inspires you? My family,

friends and top athletes in any sport.

What does the future hold for Adam


Who knows? Hard training for


The big thanks to...my mum, dad, family,

friends and all my sponsors who support

me: IronHorse bikes, Kenda, UFO, Formula,

Sram, RockShox, Funn, e.thirteen, A class,

Pila, Insight, RMS, POC, Five Ten and

Burgtec (also TF Tuned for sorting out my

shocks when they’re flat out!).

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