Despite last year's controversy, the Red Bull Skygate down 999 steps of the Tianmen Mountain returned this weekend.

The event was cut short due to rain and results were taken from qualifying on a shortened track. Brazilian Barnado Cruz ended up the winner but maybe the real victory is that nobody was seriously injured, unlike last year.

We're still waiting for official photos and videos from the event but until then, here's the very best action from the riders themselves:

Don't be fooled into thinking this is the same as your local stair set, the Skygate course is near vertical

Rain held proceedings for most of the weekend so Adolf Silva and Reed Boggs came up with their own event (click to play)

Short periods of good weather allowed riders to test the track. Bernado Cruz flying off the step down

The riders still had fun despite the rain - Anton Villoni style up the same feature

There was also a freestyle competition alongside the main event. Rogatkin took the win with siggy cash rolls (click to play)...

... while Ethan Nell was flipping and spinning on his DH bike (click to play).

In the end qualifiers counted as full runs. Here's Anton Villoni's fifth placed run, clocking in at 16 seconds

Bernardo Cruz was your Red Bull Skygate champion, not bad for 20 seconds on the bike

Until next time China.