The dig teams are now swarming like ants over the hill and a phenomenal amount of dirt has been shifted as the lines start to take shape.

Here's all the best action from the riders' social media feeds from the yesterday's dig.

The Great Wall

The most striking feature built into the course so far is The Great Wall. A huge landing at the bottom of an 80 foot cliff on Tyler McCaul's line. Last we heard the Mexicans paid for it too.

Here's a video looking up at the drop (click to play)

Here's the top ridge line of T-Mac's line looking down towards the great wall

Andreu Lacondeguy

This is Andreu's line. Super. Steep.

Kyle Norbraten

Most famous robee from Rampages past, Norby is back on site this year. You can see multiple lines skewering from his vantage point here.

Sam Reynolds

Reynolds will be keen to defecnd the Best Trick prize he picked up last year and his build crew (including Ben Deakin) are now on site.

This booter looks good enough to Superman off if you ask us

Claudio Caluori

Remember Claudio's preview from last year? Looks like he's back for round 2!

Remy Metailler

The Whistler Wizard was the fastest man down the hill last year, this year's line is looking just as direct.

The venue

This is a great heli shot showing the two ridge lines and the terrifying central gulley, which line is best?

The Goat Track

Want to know how sketchy Rampage is? This goat trail is one of the easier bits.

Want to know how sketchy Rampage is? This goat trail is one of the easier bits.

Wheels on the ground

Athletes who don't ride Utah regularly took the opportunity to practice on local trails yesterday, here are some videos of the best bits.

Thomas Genon

Reed Boggs

Logan Bingelli