Here we fucking go! Red Bull Rampage 2017 has officially kicked off and the riders are swarming all over the hill like ant on a picnic blanket.

Dust (or is it powdered stoke) is rattling down the hill side as riders take to the tools and resculpt, refine and redesign their lines. It's nice to see plenty of new hits going in - no resting on their laurels of last year for these guys who are all determined to raise the Rampage bar once again.

there's no official coverage allowed yet so enjoy this bumper compilation of Instabangers beamed direct from the hillside to get you stoked:

Tom Van Steenbergen

Tom VanSteenbergen showing off skills more suited to Vegas than Virgin to get this boulder shifted. Nice work! (click to play).

Liv and SRAM ambassador Katie Holden is on site as part of Tom's dig team, here's a couple more from her.

Darren Berrecloth and Jordie Lunn

The Suicide Squad line up the Goblin Drop (click to play)

Connor MacFarlane

The people's champ from last year is back for another bite (hopefully not literally this year) of the Rampage cherry. New lines and new forks going in from the Kiwi nutter.

Antoine Bizet

Expecting bigger blisters than a 14-year-old boy who's been left home alone for the weekend, Antoine Bizet is stoked for some digging. 'member his double backflip last year? Expect even bigger this time around... (click to play).

Randy Spangler

Part of the pre-Rampage crew, Spangler getting it done.

Andreu Lacondeguy

Andreu was pretty switched off from Rampage last year but could he be back with stoke this year?

Reed Boggs

Local lad Reed Boggs will be making his first Rampage skid marks this year after a year of cheeky practice on the hill.

Vinny T

No idea what's going on here but it's fucking steep and that is good enough.

Bas Van Steezebergen

Theres a A Big Mac's worth of Steezeburgers at Rampage this year, here's some highlights from Bas.


Yeah, we'll stick to the FoD. (click to play)