As per usual for me, I've left it till the last minute to get all my stuff together. I'm flying to Geneva from Bristol tomorrow morning (too early!), for the Mondial du VTT and Sunn bikes press camp in Les Deux Alpes this weekend.

My washings all coming out with big white marks all over it, and I've no idea why. Any ideas anyone?! {encode="" title="email me here"} if you do! Currently I have about 3 tee shirts and a pair of shorts without the white marks!!

Anyway Sunn bikes and Jim Walker have put me up in Les Deux Alpes for the weekend to see their 2010 range of bikes. Now Iron Horse are out of the question, will Sunn take over that massive part of the Jim Walker business?

There are a couple of the bikes that look pretty good. The Kern, Kern LT and the Radical downhill bike look worth a ride. Les Deux should be a good place to get them ridden in and see what they're like.

Anyway, over and out. That blog was a bit spurradic! Expect some blogging that makes some sense over the weekend....