Right, has anyone been watching the David Attenborough TV series Life In Cold Blood? That has to be one of my favorite shows ever. If there's anything that gets my attention as much as a bike or a naked chick it has to be the reptilian animal world...That makes me sound like a complete freak so we'll just forget I said that and move on.

We are on day two of the wwwdotletslookattheworldthroughotherpeoplescamerasdotcom tour and today I have a bit of a gem for your peepholes to pour over. I made a mention of this guy in the Photo Issue a few months back, I think if it were not for his work in ONBOARD about 10-12 years ago I probably wouldn't have chosen photography as my profession nor would I have pushed myself to snowboard some big backcountry. He is in my mind one of the great creatives in the photo world and has the ability to make the the ordinary look extraordinary. So, hats off to Vincent Skoglund, for some amazing images over the years and for making me tear my knee ligaments over the back of...wait for it...Lizard Bowl in Fernie, B.C....!

Tomorrow is a day worth checking back here for 'cause as it'll be Wednesday and the middle of the week I know you'll be needing some real good eye candy to lift your spirits. I've got two sites lined up that are mental and might even throw in a third just for fun.

Now over to Vincent...

vincent skoglund website