hello, just looking, think i broke it already and only just started.

Complicated way of doing things this.

This is an edit as i am working out what button does what, so far its telling me my pictures that are jpegs are in fact not jpegs and therefore will not upload anything.

Billy, its broken ?

Anyway, if i can work this out and really dont hold your breath on that one, you might get photos and stuff later ! then again maybe not.

I am sort of billys backup. You see they are doing terrible things to him at dirt HQ, like making him ride really expensive susser's with Ti springs and too many knobs and dials to mess up, in case you havent guessed, i am of course another Hardtail freak and not too fond of computers ( like you havent guessed that ) If billy gets pulled to the dark side of leverage ratios and shim stacks i am sort of maybe here to try and pull him back, although he didnt fancy racing fort william on the HT, i may be to late to save him !

Maybe more later, maybe i will hide in the shadows for a bit longer.