Yep less than 24hours in and i have 7 new friends, well 4 really as i already know Thackers, and i have raced with Lew Warrington for 2 years and crashed on tracks all over wales with him, top bloke and hard tail racer, who next, ah Mr Jon Gatiss Wild, met him at a race and another forum member from switching to the darkside of racing sussers.

The other 4 seem to be mates of Thackers (i think) so hello to Tony Farnell another HT rider. Hello to Will "Flaps" Snow who appears to another HT racer and homebrewer, student type. Who next, Morgan Hampton from and again another HT racer by the looks of the photos, bit of a trend going on here ! and last we have Calum Summers, maybe a mate of Thackers, seems to like pubs no sign of bikes, maybe an academic type to offset the drunk hooligans i race with.

Welcome onboard, so at least 7 people read my blogger bit, that was alright for the first day, i didnt think anyone would say hello. Must be a few more out there in the BIG WIDE world of the internet, or do i scare people ? i dont bite honest.

Just got to learn how to work facebook now, i want a paper instruction manual !