Saladini leads. World Cup 4X, Maribor, Slovenia

Just been on the old email to Peaty, and he tells me that the latest in two wheeled motorized fun are these electric motocross bikes...whatever next. This is what the website blurb has to say:

“More power than a Honda CRF150, weighs 100 pounds LESS, but silent. This bike is extremely powerful.  This is not a toy! It begins with a 19+ horsepower (14,400 watt) electric vehicle motor and programmable controller. The power is stored in a special quick-change power pack.  Then it's wrapped in the lightest handcrafted aluminum frame made in the USA.  The design is so revolutionary, that we are patent pending on 3 patents. Ride anywhere with no gas, no pollution, no engine to wear out and it costs less than a penny a mile to ride.”