While we’re all stuck in a Laurel/Yanny existential crisis (it’s just two clips played over another though surely?), the internet continued its churn of randomness. This week we’ve got returning racers, a snow edit that dicks all over 99% of mtb edits and American Football on unicycles.

Brook and Bernard back biking

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Frank Bourgeois: Real Snow 2018

No playing around in this edit. Fabio Wibmer could learn a thing or two...


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Will Smith getting loose

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Cliff jump

You know those videos on You've Been Framed where you already know what's going to happen before you watch it... this isn't one of those.

Unicycle football

No not that football, the more violent, less foot-y one.

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Have a good weekend folks, enjoy the Royal Wedding/FA Cup final (delete as appropriate).