It's Friday skive-off time so here's the select highlights from the internet this week to get you fully in the weekend mood. 

Blind skateboarding

This is proper inspirational stuff from Dan Mancina and a lesson in not giving up on your passion no matter what life throws at you. Dan has a degenerative sight defect that leaves him with about 5% vision but he still skates better than most sighted people. The way Dan feels for cracks in the pavement to time his tricks is next-level perception. Great stuff.

Go! London

Nigel Sylvester has brought his hop bar and GoPro to London and Paris for the latest in the Go! series. This one gets a bit PDA in the middle but there's also a cheeky Stanton hardtail hidden away in there for the eagle-eyed. Also he pays ten quid for a Sprite... mug.


Drop everything and watch the Nico Turner clip now:

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Spring bike

If you can get past how f#cking annoying the presenter is, this is actually quite good, especially the last 2 minutes

The weather's set fair for the Malverns and the evenings are some of longest we'll have all year. Have a good 'un folks