I made the mistake of telling Billy I was out of action for the next few weeks and pretty much sat on the couch with my messed up foot in the air. His response was..."Great, now you have time to do a permanent blog on the site!"...forget chocolates and flowers, this dude has no sympathy whatsoever.� I asked what 'permanent' meant and said it's kinda like a dog, I had to walk it regularly, have it wormed and clear up when it shits everywhere; and if it was to shag any of the other blogs I was in trouble. Great. I hate dogs. Not as much as I hate blogs though.

Like Myspace and Facebook - what a waste of time. If your reading this I hope you are either incapacitated like me or your at work and you hate your job. If you don't fit into either of these two slots then turn off and get on your bike. I'm looking out the window and it's like the 3rd or 4th beuaoooootiful day in a row outside and my bike is slung in the shed with no chance of riding for at least a couple months. You don't know what your missing until you can't do it I tell ya.�

But I have to make a confession, yesterday I read three papers, did two crosswords and even crutched myself to the corner shop and bought some chocolate milk and it was still only noon. Daytime TV is beyond me so I fired up the 'ol Apple and started surfing the web. I hit up a few bike and photography sites and then just went to Google typed in my name and did an image search. Maybe everyone's done this but it was new to me and holy cow there were some of the funniest pictures of Grant Robinson. The worrying thing is it seemed the majority have beards. To be perfectly honest I'd love a beard, I think they are the coolest thing since cool began, even if they do collect your food, smell bad and put girls off. Unfortunately I also think sex is cool and my wife doesn't like beards.....

So the obvious next step was to look up some crazy beard pictures but the web has a funny understanding of things and when you type in 'facial hair' you get lots of sites for 'facials' and lots of sites for 'hair'. I left out the facial side of things 'cause I just bought some nice Nivea�moisturizing cream that works fine thank you very much and went for some of the 'hair' ones instead. Beards, mustaches it was all there but I was especially drawn to the 'long hair world records'� and I haven't had so much fun on the web in a long time. So if your sick or at work then check out some of these links. If your able bodied and on your day off then I won't hold it against you for looking at these� �BEFORE� �you get on your bike.�

Peace, love and happy hair growing.....just don't get your eyebrows caught in your chain.

High brow eye brow