The first hit. Simultaneously the best and worst feeling in mountain biking.

Scoping, digging, patting, stamping, looking, running in, then hitting send. It’s a familiar routine for mountain bikers trying something for the first time. It takes a lot of guts to finally make that drop but the rush of adrenaline and stoke of your mates when it finally comes together, is unbeatable and the memories last a lifetime.

Canon challenged us to capture that golden moment with their new Canon EOS 80D and PowerShot G5 X camera, so we called up Jack Sprogis and his mate Will Eaton, who has been photographing for less than a year, to give the cameras a try on a beefy road gap in Delamere Forest.

We were greeted with perfect conditions, dry, dusty and no wind and it wasn’t long before Jack was ready to hit it. Check out the action of the day in the video and read the thoughts of the boys below.

Jack Sprogis (rider)

Photos: Will Eaton on the Canon EOS 80D and PowerShot G5 X 

How long had you been wanting to hit the road gap?

Quite some time, it caught my eye a while ago and I've been wanting to press send for a while.

Is it the biggest thing you’ve ever hit?

Not quite, but it's definitely up there. It was a sketchy, a super-blind sender out of a tricky, loose right hander, and made for an interesting first attempt!

How much work was needed on the jump on the day?

We put in some decent shovel time! The turn before had no rut in it either, so that made for some interesting entrances to the actual launch. We could see it needed some graft, so we made it sweet and it was time to ride!

How long did it take you to work up to hitting the jump on the day?

I gave it a few run-ins. The first time was still mental though. I 50/50'd it on the brow and everyone thought it was game over for me - me included! My Transition handled it with ease though, so it was all sweet thankfully. The second time was much better, but I got some wild understeer into the lip and went off sliding, which made my stomach turn on launching. When you've landed it, the fear doesn't end there! I was pulling some interesting shapes slowing down, as there was about four inches of Cheshire's finest loam and dust on track. Threading the needle between two trees at the bottom was loose!

How did it feel hitting it for the first time?

Mint, all doubts are gone soon as you're off the lip. It's best feeling ever! Hands down... I then got a few good runs over it and was flying properly in no time. I nearly ran poor Will over a few times trying to slow down though!

Will Eaton (photographer)

How long have you been shooting photographs?

I haven’t been taking photos for very long at all, probably about 9 months. The only reason I started is because a friend handed me a camera at Revolution Bike Park, and I've been hooked on it ever since.

What were your first impressions of the Canon EOS 80D?

When I first picked up the Canon E0S 80D it was a phenomenal difference compared with my personal camera. It's a bit bigger, but I'm not complaining, as the advantages are much greater. One of the biggest features I noticed is the frames per second it shoots at, it just makes it so much easier to get the shot I was hoping for when I pressed the shutter. I think the Cannon EOS 80D would be the perfect camera for me, as it has all the necessary features I need, from silent shutter mode to superfast autofocus.

Are you happy with the photos you took on it?

Yeah, super stoked! I only had one chance to get the action of Jack hitting the step down for the first time, it was great to know I had a camera I could rely on.

What were your first impressions of the G5 X?

My instant thought of the G5 X was how amazing it would be for mountain bikers , as its small size makes it incredibly easy to just whack in your bag or even pocket and to take out on your favourite trails. The main reason I would have this camera is for filming video though, it's so easy to then upload them from camera to Instagram. It was also great to just point and shoot with, no need to set it up, just point it at the action and it does all the rest for you.

Would you take it out on an average trail ride?

I would most certainly take it on my average trail ride, it would be perfect with a tripod on to make a self shot edit on those lonely rides.

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