Multiple world-firsts later and the dust has settled on Audi Nines. 8 riders emerged victorious, most notably Sam Pilgrim, who rolled back the years to take the 'Ruler of the Week' crown as well as 'Best Slopestyle line'.

"The Audi Nines is the best event of the year for me", said Sam Pilgrim. "You've got six days to perform to your highest level. I ended up winning two of the categories, which means a lot because everyone who voted for me, they're real professional mountain bike riders. I'm stoked about it"

This year's event marked a departure from the familiar Alps venue of the former Nine Knights competition, opting instead to head to a repurposed stone quarry in Birkenfield, Germany. 

To match the change of location, the event also introduced a new, video-based competition format that gave competitors one week to capture their best lines on film. We've already taken a look at how some of the most mind-blowing mtb footage we've seen was captured, but now there is a full highlight reel of the week's action. 

Take a look over the footage above, then be sure to take a look through the banger-filled gallery below.