1.Summer officially began this week

A new dawn. As the sun rose on the morning of the World Championships no one knew what was about to take place...

2. A lot of people say mountain biking is better in summer

The wonderkid Martin Maes in a pocket of sunlight under the thick forest canopy. The GT rider finished the day in 11th, whereas his teammate Dan Atherton wound up a further 10 places back.

3. They’re wrong

The course is brutal, which is apparently the excuse riders are using so they can spend maximum time sunning themselves on the beach.
Dirt - Reunion Rider - Nico Quere PIC © Andy Lloyd www.andylloyd.photography

4. Total liars

British hopes were pinned on Sam Pilgrim...
26TRIX_SamPilgrim_by_David Robinson

5. Don’t have a clue

summer MTB1
summer MTB1

6. For a start, it’s never sunny here


7. Always muddy

Phil moelfre 2
Phil moelfre 2

8. And who wants to ride in dust anyway?

Loic Bruni sending it flat out down the Hardline course
Dust flew for Hardline but rain would have been a brutal foe.

9. It’s like there’s no grip

Remi Thirion is sitting in third place, he'll be looking to improve on that. He was behind Gee in his seeding run, but Gee had a problem which meant Remi was getting a bit lost in his dust.

10. And roosting always looks Lame

Andrew Neethling, during filming of 3 Minute Gaps, Cape Town South Africa
Andrew Neethling, during filming of 3 Minute Gaps, Cape Town South Africa

11. And then you have to search for shade in the forest


12. Where the roots are never dry

Cambers, roots, rocks, steep chutes. It's all in there.

13. And the rocks are always slippery

Mike Jones was absolutely lit through the rocks and deadly silent as he went. With a 10th in qualifying he is leading his team out, and with Windham being the race he really stepped up his game in 2014 we can expect big things.

14. Boring!

WC_Lenzerheide_2015_14_2597 copy
WC_Lenzerheide_2015_14_2597 copy

15. You have to live near the mountains to do it anyway

Cedric Gracia soars over the rabid Chilean crowd off the Valparaiso Cerro Abajo's iconic 'Ski Jump'. Fans crowd the track as if it was the Alpe d'Huez during the Tour's penultimate stages. Riders had to hit this jump and just hope the fans would part in t
Photo: Fraser Britton

16. Britain's just too flat


17. It always brings out the weekend warriors

The former and the new Enduro World Champion battling it out with a little wheelie contest.

18. The trails just get so busy

One of Dirt's all-time favourite racers, Tim Ponting. He's still got the style, and as his enduro results prove, he still has the speed.

19. So you just have to go to the Alps instead

Berms, jumps, berms, jumps. And a lot of dust. Les Deux Alpes has a lot of tracks and trails, all of which put a bike through its paces. We didn't hear as much as a squeak from the Lyrik, but then you wouldn't expect to in three days. But with an addition

20. Or Whistler

"Back in the day I watched Richie Schley ride down steep rock slabs in the movies and I always thought it looked rad. This past summer he was keen on doing a few step slabs again and I happened to be in Whistler. This day we went up late in the after
Richie Schley in Whistler, Canada. Photographed in august 2010.

21. What a waste of time

Crankworx 2014, Whistler, Canada.
Crankworx 2014, Whistler, Canada.

22. There are no cool events


23. Or big races


24. It’s always such a sausage fest

Great to see that Canada was being represented in the women's race. Miranda Miller grabbed third in her first World Cup of the year.

25. You end up riding so late


26. There's barely any time for a post ride beer

A well deserved beer for Al Stock (L) and Matti Lehikoinen (centre).

27. and the food's rubbish


28. Just bring back all the fun of winter already!

Eddie Masters: "My eyes are kinda sore."
Crankworx portraits mud-13