Greg Williamson is the current British Champion and, at only 24 years old, there's plenty more to come from this young Scot.

Greg changed teams from Trek to Cube last year and ended up scoring his hottest World Cup season ever. He was barely out of the top 20 all year and finished 16th in the overall.

Greg Williamson is loving life at Cube, sixth place for the Scot
Greg Williamson finish line

We sat down with Groundskeeper Willy to chat about mountain biking past, present and future

What achievement are you most proud of?

“Becoming British Champion"

The lad - Greg Williamson - a popular National Champion

Give us a story from your wildest moment in mountain biking?

“So, I had this sweet little drop outside my house, I rode it everyday, then when I got my first (2nd hand) MTB, I was out messing around then went for the usual drop. As I landed, the headtube snapped clean off which turned into a straight face plant.

After about a week or two later I'm out on a borrowed MTB with my scabs still healing from the first crash. I spot a sweet little ramped up grass bank, so go to send it, compress, and as the fork tops out on take off, the stanchion separates from the lowers. Lo and behold another face plant... this time leaving me with me some more gravel rash."

Greg Williamson is having a belter of a season, but conditions here couldn't be further from his native Scotland

What has been your favourite moment of Dirt's history?

“I really like the old magazines and looking back on how things have changed, but 'Fort William 07 Worlds' copy was a good one, having been there watching Roy winning juniors and of course Peaty, Gee, Bryce, Smith, all the boys giving it a crack!"


How were you first introduced to Dirt?

“At school, one of my mates, Ronan Taylor, brought one in and I just thought it, and DH, was the coolest thing ever."

 What would be the first question you would ask Dirt?

“Why would you stop print?" 

When did you first start mountain biking?

“As long as I can remember I've loved bikes, my mum took me to my first MTB race at the end of primary school."

10th place for Greg Williamson yesterday, he's really stepped his game up this year...
crankworx day 5-15

What bike were you on then?

“A Giant Teraggo."

What rider or person has most influenced your career?

“Stu Thompson started it, Josh Bryceland been a big one over the last few years."


What has been your favourite or most memorable race?

“Probably Fort William World Cup 2013, my first top 10 in front of the home crowd with a lot of my family/freinds who came to see me race for the first time."

shimano british downhill series
Quietly getting it done, Greg Williamson takes home an 8th place

Who would you loved to have raced against or ridden with?

“Nico Vouilloz, Jason Mcroy."

What’s your opinion on E-Bikes?

“Good fun."

Cube Stereo Hybrid
cube stereo hybrid-8

What’s your favourite wheel size?

“For fun, can't beat 26!" 

What life lessons has Mountain biking taught you?

“Everything really. I've done it for so long now and racing has taught me so much."

Who doesn’t get the credit they deserve in the industry?

“Race Organisers."

What’s been the most questionable thing to come out of mountain biking?

“Fat Bikes.. Plus bikes.. Different sizes of seat tube, BB, head tube can we not make one universal size?"

What’s been the best track you’ve ridden?

“Cornet Peak, NZ."

How would you change World Cup downhill?

“Bigger, wider, faster."

Greg Williamson continues his great run this year and stays sixth in the overall.

What do you still want to achieve in mountain biking?

“WC podium, win, World Championships." 

What do you want to see more of from the Dirt website?

“Dirt TV... Maybe Earthed? Where's Rankin at?"

What do you hope the next 20 years brings for mountain biking?

“Just keep building and improving in a positive way into the rad sport it is!"