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Canyon have released a glut of new models this year. The Torque was diverted to a park bike destroyer and the Spectral emerged totally refreshed and bang up to date with trail bike trends. 

Speaking of trends, Canyon were surprisingly late to hop on the ebike band wagon, but that's no bad thing. While other brands plowed budget into emerging technologies, Canyon sat back, waited and chose to commit when they knew what the best path was. The result is the Spectral:ON 8.0.

The headline here is the 29 inch front wheel and 27.5 inch back wheel. It's a mod that we see quite a lot on bikes around the FoD but Canyon are one of the only brands that are offering it as a spec. The idea is simple, get all the benefits of a 29 inch wheel up front while keeping the strength and playfulness in the rear. 

This is the spec down from the top version but it's still full to the hilt. Kicking it off is the Shimano Steps E8000 motor that seems to end up on most of our favourite ebikes - refined power, sensible modes and the addition of the walk option for when the pitch gets really steep and even a motor can't get you up.

There's also a bucket load of ebike specific kit that was worth Canyon holding out for. The EX1 drivetrain is a 100 worthy product, the DT Swiss H1501 wheels should be more than up to the job and that kinked sadle is designed to keep you in a forward position on steep, sat-down climbs.

Damping on our bike came from Fox with a sturdy 36 up front and a DPS at the rear. Both are the Performance Elite model which means in the shock you get a damper degrade from FIT 4 to GRIP and no Kashima on the shock. 

Coming in at under the five grand mark, it's one of the cheaper ebikes out there and, as always with Canyon, the value for money on the spec is off the charts. If you fancy a go at this ebiking malarky but have been put off by bikes that cost more than cars, this could be the starting point for you.


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