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If you’re one of those people who hate changing tyres and you just want a fit–and–forget DH tyre for the British winter, then Intense’s Intruder is the one. On the vast majority of days between October and April you’ll be hard pushed to find a better performing tyre. In 50/50 conditions this tyre is king. The only other thing we’d say is that make sure you go for the 4–ply version rather than the 2–ply. It might be heavier than pretty much any other tyre, but the protection that the casing offers combined with performance of

the tread more than makes up for the extra heft factor. We tried to save weight by using the 2–ply, but we just found that it punctured too easily, which in our eyes is way more annoying than carrying around a bit more weight.

Price: From £29.95

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If you come across one of our downhill bikes the chances are it’s got a pair of High Rollers fitted to it. Unless the conditions are on the shity side of things they are our tyre of choice every time. The tread pattern and rubber compound provides a level of grip that’s difficult to beat, especially in corners, and yet they still roll fast compared with so many other DH tyres. The casing also hits that perfect balance, it offers plenty of puncture resistance whilst still keeping weight at a reasonable level. We also like the fact that they don’t cost a fortune either.

Price: From £17.99 – £34.99

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The dirtier and shittier the conditions the better Michelin Mud 3’s perform. The thing that really separates them from other downhill mud tyres, apart from them seeming to turn muddy conditions into dry, is the fact they don’t screw you over as soon as you hit something that isn’t mud, whether it be rocks or roots. If you always find yourself lacking a bit of confidence in the slippy stuff you should stick a pair of these on your bike, you’ll just wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Price: £34.99

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Dirt image correct
Dirt image correct