Travelling with a bike is never the easiest thing, but this Evoc Bike Travel Bag makes it a hell of a lot easier.


Evoc Bike Travel Bag

To some of you a bike bag might seem like a frivolous luxury, but that’s probably because you haven’t travelled much with your bike. If you have, then you’ll know how much easier it is with a decent bike bag, and that’s exactly what this is. Actually, that’s not true, this is the best bike bag by a country mile, and that’s why we felt it deserved a place in the Dirt 100. It is so well designed that it almost makes packing a bike a pleasure, and it’ll protect your pride and joy from even the roughest of baggage handlers. It’ll happily house even a DH bike or a 29’er, and although it’s a pretty hefty initial outlay we reckon it more than pays for itself within just a few trips.

Price: £299.00

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