YT Industries' Wicked Pro is a bike that is not only dripping with high-end components but also rides particularly well. And it is insanely 'cost effective'...

YT Wicked Pro from 2014 Dirt 100.


Just like its DH brother, this Wicked Pro offers the kind of value for money that you just can’t ignore. It’d almost be worth buying this bike for the components alone even if the frame was rubbish… but the fact is that it’s a great frame, one that more than holds its own against far more expensive offerings. YT now offer the Wicked in a 27.5" wheeled version too, but we feel this 26" model is just a little bit more dialled in terms of geometry. In fact this 168mm travel bike is so well dialled in terms of suspension, geometry and spec that we think it’s pretty unbeatable at any price, so at this price it’s nothing short of crazy. Only you can decide if the lack of UK shop support is a problem.

PRICE: €3299.00

YT INDUSTRIES +49 (0) 91917 363 050


Photos by Andy Lloyd - Andrew Lloyd Photography