For the next 100 days we will be featuring one of the chosen products from our 2014 Dirt 100 (our guide to the 100 best products right now), and what better way to kick things off than with our DH bike of the year...



Ignore the price of this bike for a minute, just take in the fact that we rate this as one of the best DH bikes in the world right now, regardless of cost. Now consider that it costs less than half the price of other similar bikes that it’s up against... incredible. If you’re talking about performance versus price, then this bike is the winner by far. Maybe its greatest competitor is the ‘Pro Edition’ with its stunning BOS fork, but this version is more than race capable itself, and we love the added reliability of the RockShox BoXXer fork, and the performance of the coil BOS shock at the rear. In summary then, this is an incredible bike at an equally incredible price.

PRICE: €2799.00

YT INDUSTRIES +49 91917 363 050


And if you are still having doubts about the capability of this bike then take a look Andreu Lacondeguy pulling a massive backflip aboard one at the FIAT Nine Knights...

Or just going massive full stop at the Red Bull Rampage...