Yeti’s carbon SB66 is a beautiful bike that proves 26" ain’t dead…

Yeti SB66 C from 2014 Dirt 100.


The ‘SB’ part of this frames name stands for Super Bike, which is a pretty bold claim to say the least, but we actually think this Yeti frame warrants the title. On paper it might not be especially light for a 152mm travel frame, but it rides light and that’s what matters most to us. It’s lively and playful with an incredibly light and efficient pedal action. We’d happily got out and do an eight–hour epic on one of these frames, and yet we’d also happily throw it down some properly nasty tracks. It is perhaps one of the very best do–it–all/enduro bikes that you can buy right now, and when it comes to longevity and safety maybe that little extra weight isn’t a bad thing anyway. A truly beautiful frame, and one that proves that 26" wheels are far from dead.

PRICE: £2599.00

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Photos by Andy Lloyd -

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