These grips from Specialized tick every box for us - an office favourite.

Specialized SIP grips on Dirt.


I’ve lost count of the number of arguments we’ve had in the Dirt office about grips, we all seem to have different tastes, but in some kind of miraculous moment we all agreed that we love these Specialized Sip grips. For a start they’re nice and skinny, but not too hard, and then the pattern is pretty much an ODI Ruffian copy but with a moto style waffle on the underside. In our eyes every grip needs some kind of more aggressive pattern on the lower section as without it you’re stuffed in the wet. The other thing that we really like is that they only use a single clamp on the inner end of the grip. This means there’s nothing to dig in if you run your hands right on the ends of your bars. We’ve had issues with other single clamp grips twisting, but these are as solid as a rock. Get some.

PRICE: £16.00

SPECIALIZED UK 02083 913 500


Photos by Andy Lloyd -