Zee brakes are pretty much identical to their big brothers at Saint, but cheaper...

Shimano Zee brakes on Dirt.

Shimano Zee brakes

Shimano have done themselves a bit of a disservice with these brakes because they make it very hard for most riders to justify spending more on a set of Saints. The Zee brakes are incredibly similar to the more expensive Saints with the only real difference being the lack of any bite point adjustment, and the need to use a tool to alter your reach instead of it being tool–free. Because Shimano sell the rotors separately the choice is yours as to whether or not to go for the Ice–Tech ones which help to dissipate heat, but you get the ‘cooling fin’ pads included as standard. Power and feel–wise these brakes are very hard to beat, and the same goes for reliability, but if you like a short throw on your levers you might have to spend a bit more on the Saints or look elsewhere.

PRICE: £144.99 EACH, ROTORS £19.99 – £44.99


Photos by Andy Lloyd Photography