Shimano's XTR has always been something to aspire to owning, and the groupset's desirability certainly hasn't lowered.

Shimano XTR on Dirt.


It’s hard for us to ever imagine a time when the three letters X, T, and R won’t start us drooling. Even as hardened journalists who’ve become almost numb to fancy kit, we’re still able to appreciate the beauty of XTR. It’s not only about the looks or low weight either, it’s just the way in which it works. Yes XT is bloody good too, but XTR just has that Swiss watch feel going on, you know you’re using something special. It also has to be said that Shimano really have got the whole clutch style rear mech thing dialled with their Shadow+ system. As much as SRAM have tried to copy the idea, we still think that the Shimano system works the best. Of course we’d love to see a 1x11 version of XTR, but that said we love it as it stands.

REAR MECH: £174.99

SHIFTERS: £174.99 (RH ONLY £89.99)

CHAINSET: £459.99

CASSETTE:  £209.99

CHAIN: £44.99

FRONT MECH: £74.99



Photos by Andy Lloyd -