The quality of these XTR Trail pedals is almost unrivalled, and for anything short of full-blown DH they're our clipless pedal of choice.

Shimano XTR Trail from 2014 Dirt 100.


I suppose it kind of goes without saying (seeing as these pedals are in the Dirt 100), but we think these are the best clipless pedals for anything apart from DH use. The small platform offers some support for your foot when clipped–in, and makes those unplanned un-clipped moments a little less hairy, but it’s the mechanism of Shimano pedals that we really love. It’s just so positive, you always know where you are with Shimano pedals, plus we love the ability to fine tune the release tension. The final aspect of these pedals that never fails to win us over is the overall reliability, and in particular that of the bearings. Why nobody else has managed to make bearings that last as long as Shimano’s is still a mystery to us. Nobody else has got close.

PRICE: £119.99



Photos by Andy Lloyd -