Shimano's Saint groupset made a mark on the DH scene when it was introduced, and to this day it remains up there as quite possibly the best option for a DH bike build.

Shimano Saint from 2014 Dirt 100.


When Shimano first released their Saint groupset it was almost a moment of acceptance for DH. Before that point if you were into riding or racing DH you just had to make do with a drivetrain that was never really intended for the job. Often it wasn’t even designed to venture off tarmac. Saint though was designed from the ground up to meet our needs, and although the first incarnation was a little on the overbuilt side, since then Shimano have refined Saint to the point where we now have components that are light enough to race on, yet they’re still bombproof. The introduction of a Shadow+ chain stabilizer rear mech just made the groupset even better, and now we’d find it very hard indeed to justify building up a DH bike with anything else.

REAR MECH: £139.99

SHIFTER: £59.99

CHAINSET: £239.99 (W/O RING)


CHAIN: £44.99



Photos by Andy Lloyd -