In the past the words body armour and comfortable couldn't be used in the same sentence, but this Scott Recruit Pro Compression Gear is both those things.


Scott Recruit Pro Compression Gear

So many riders choose not to wear body armour when riding DH, and the reason for that always seems to be that they find it too uncomfortable and restrictive. If you are one of those people then you obviously haven’t tried this stuff out. It’s a world away from the body armour of old, and once it’s on you genuinely don’t really notice it. With the ultra simple compression style jersey forming the basis there are no uncomfortable and bulky straps, and then all the padding is made from d3o, the stuff that moulds to your shape and absorbs impacts like nobody’s business. It’s a winning combination and the fact that you can remove all of the pads so that you can tailor the protection to different needs (or simply wash it) just makes it even more of a winner, as does the very reasonable price.

Price: £139.99

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