Rotwild’s 160(ish)mm travel bike makes for a robust enduro machine.

Rotwild from 2014 Dirt 100.


Not the most imaginative name, or the prettiest frame, but we love the fact that Rotwild, a classic brand back in the day, have now well and truly returned to the game. With this 27.5" wheeled 165mm travel frame Rotwild were definitely ahead of the field in terms of getting 27.5" wheeled geometry sorted, and for that alone they deserve credit. The suspension is great too, providing far greater pedalling efficiency than you’d expect from a bike with this much travel. Build one of these up with some quality kit and you’ll have one hell of an enduro race bike, it excels at pace in the rough. Considering Rotwild are based in Germany it probably goes without saying, but this is one seriously well made frame.

PRICE: £2099.00

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Photos by Andy Lloyd -