Simple and effective, the Five from Orange is still the bike of choice for many UK trail riders.

Orange Five from 2014 Dirt 100.


An Orange Five has often been the weapon of choice for many British trail riders, and this latest 27.5" wheeled version is definitely the best ever. There’s nothing revolutionary going on, it’s more a case of evolution, but it’s very much still on the ball. Some might consider the single pivot design to be too simple and archaic, but we think it easily holds its own against any other design. It just works, and crucially it carries on working. This is a bike that you can have a whole pile of fun on, then simply chuck it in the shed, safe in the knowledge that it’ll be working fine the next time you take it out. Oh, and if you’re wondering why we rate this version above the 29’er, it’s because we feel there’s a little bit too much flex at the rear of the 29’er.

PRICE: £4199.99

ORANGE 01422 311 113


Photos by Andy Lloyd -